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One-on-One Coaching

As an International Positive Psychology Practitioner, Happiness & Emotional Health Coach, the difference between Jamie and a traditional psychologist, counselor, therapist or life coach, is the focus on actions and outcomes that create a positive effect (not just talking things through and never actually moving forward).

Jamie can help you to lower your stress levels, achieve greater happiness and wellbeing, higher emotional intelligence and a successful mindset no matter where you are currently at in life.  As long as you are willing to face your fears and do the work required you can climb the ladder to a 10+ life of stability, clarity, happiness, purpose and satisfaction.

Combining her own diverse personal experiences with her knowledge of Psychology, Neuroscience, Mindfulness & other mindset principals, with the natural ability to see things from many different perspectives, Jamie provides clarity among confusion.

By working one-on-one with you, Jamie will teach you how to understand and overcome past adversity and forge stronger, more positive relationships with both yourself, your loved ones, at work and/or in business. Jamie specifically tailors everything to your individual needs for faster recovery, faster healing, faster results and more overall knowledge than any online or group training can provide.

One-on-one sessions are $247 each (1 hour) or $999 for upfront payment of 5 sessions.

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